Trail lessons

So I recently went for a hike with a group of friends. I love hikes but I hate the preparation towards getting ready for one so that means I never bothered with doing any physical exercise. Which I seriously regretted during the hike, but through it all I had so much fun. It was a […]

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Changing times

I have lived on this Earth for the past 22 years with only 12 of them being at an age that I can make my own decisions. Before then mum had to do the guiding, be the authority figure, be the friend, do the correction, be the one to guide me on basically anything that […]

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The hope within

As am writing this I tend to look back at the past months of the year. I see where I allowed my fears take over which were a lot. The mistakes that I have made. The time wasted on things that don’t matter and the opportunities lost. When the year begun I was so hopeful […]

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Why I love being a Christian

Well being a Christian hasn’t always been the most favourite thing about my life. There was a time i hated it. Seeing as though it was too tiresome. What with all the 10 commandments to follow and the fact that when people hear you are one their first thought is ‘ I am up tight, […]

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If I had a price tag I don’t think I would be of much value The sins and shame that o carry on my face Are enough to render me worthless The guilt and burdens on me are too heavy to carry The weight I shoulder on my back makes me look unappealing What I […]

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Silver lining

Under every cloud there is a silver lining. An old proverb but its still got meaning. Each one of us has a cloud once in a while. I ain’t the first person to write or say this, but truly each cloud has a silver lining. Those dark and gray clouds always hide the sun. Funny […]

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